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Lab at OPM's  

Summer Design School



Journey & Systems


Human-Centered Research & Design




Workshop Facilitator

...empower government employees with a hands-on introduction to human-centered design while providing an environment to learn, practice, and apply design methodologies?


As workshop facilitator I led participants through a series of design sprints and exercises. We began with empathy-driven research and a challenge-framing exercise, followed by stakeholder mapping, solution ideation, and prototyping design. Carefully balancing hands-on guidance and hands-off encouragement, I provided process navigation as they identified leverage opportunities and validated their assumptions.

Throughout a week-long workshop, the Lab at OPM brought together local, state, and federal government employees with the goal of teaching human-centered design methodologies. Program participants were challenged to apply their learnings to one of Oakland California’s most complex issues, the accelerating and expensive challenge of illegal dumping and residential waste.


  • Facilitation Insight: Government employees who were most accustomed to rules, protocols, and procedures struggled when transitioning from tangible problem-based data to intangible, imagined solutions. To adapt to this, I led several wild solution and fantasty-driven ideation sprints to loosen their thought process.

  • Challenge Insight: In a city with a high tenant population, a communication break-down was identified with landlords who were more informed of city services (such as one free bulky item waste pick-up per apartment complex) and their tenants.


The week concluded with a solution and prototype pitch, with a special appearance by Oakland Mayor, Libby Schaff. Inspired by our work, Oakland is currently prototyping the “Bulky Blockparty” Solution pitched by a participant group. Government employees left the program excited and enlivened by their new skillset, ready and eager to apply design methodologies and frameworks to their own department’s challenges.

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